Academic Curriculum Vitæ


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Conference Papers

Reliable Reconstruction of Fine-Grained Proofs in a Proof Assistant
Schurr, Hans-Jörg, Mathias Fleury, and Martin Desharnais (↓)
In CADE 2021.

Workshop Papers

Reconstructing VeriT Proofs in Isabelle/HOL
Fleury, Mathias, and Hans-Jörg Schurr
In PxTP 2019.
Capability Discovery for Automated Reasoning Systems
Steen, Alexander, Max Wisniewski, Hans-Jörg Schurr, and Christoph Benzmüller
In IWIL@LPAR 2017 workshop and LPAR-21 short presentations.
Vol. 1. Kalpa Publications in Computing. Maun, Botswana: EasyChair


Alethe: Towards a Generic SMT Proof Format
Hans-Jörg Schurr, Haniel Barbosa, Mathias Fleury, and Pascal Fontaine
In PxTP 2021.
Quantifier Simplification by Unification in SMT
Hans-Jörg Schurr, Pascal Fontaine
In SMT 2021.
Reliable Reconstruction of Fine-Grained Proofs in a Proof Assistant
Hans-Jörg Schurr, Martin Desharnais, Mathias Fleury (↓)
In SMT 2021.
Better SMT Proofs for Easier Reconstruction
Barbosa, Haniel, Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Mathias Fleury, Pascal Fontaine, and Hans-Jörg Schurr (↑)
In AITP 2019.


  • since December 2017 — PhD Studies — Inria & Université Lorraine

    Advised by Pascal Fontain and Jasmin Blanchette; I am part of the Matryoshka project

  • 2017 — Master’s Degree with distinction in Logic & Computation — TU Wien

    • From 2015 to May 2017 visit to the Leo-III team at FU Berlin
    • Spring term 2017 – Global E³ Student at KAIST — Korea
    • Thesis: Preprocessing in Higher-order Reasoning – Learning from QBF Solving [PDF]
  • 2013 — Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics in Computer Science — TU Wien


  • Fall 2016 and spring 2017 — Juggling teacher for the university sports — FU Berlin

  • Spring 2016 — Teaching assistant “Computational Metaphysics” – FU Berlin

    Prepared and carried out exercises for the Isabelle/HOL theorem proving system

  • Fall 2013 — Orientation and mentoring for freshmen (Erstsemestrigentutorium) — TU Wien

  • Fall 2012 — Orientation and mentoring for freshmen (Erstsemestrigentutorium) — TU Wien

  • Fall 2011 — Orientation and mentoring for freshmen (Erstsemestrigentutorium) — TU Wien

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